Serving the Underprivileged


The outbreak of Covid-19 introduced a new way of living to the mankind. Mask and sanitizer has become an essential part of our lives. Introduction of Covid vaccination has showed a ray of hope to us to come out of the pandemic. In India Covid vaccination was made accessible to the citizens since January, 2021. It is an enormous challenge for the Government to reach out to each and every person and vaccinate them. VaccineOnWheels has taken an initiative of operating mobile vaccination units across the different parts of the country to reach out to the underprivileged and unreached people of the society and vaccinate them. With the support of our esteemed partners we are able to reach out to the unreached and underprivileged people and vaccinating them.

One of our unit operational in Raver located in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra organized a Covid vaccination camp in Madina Colony which is mostly inhibited by Muslim community. Earlier Government has also organized a vaccination camp in that location, but the residents did not turn up to get vaccinated. The Government healthcare workers did not force or convince people to get vaccinated as they feared the reaction of people. Our team members first reached out to the local leaders and influential people of that area and convinced them by stating the benefits of Covid vaccination. With their help our team was able to vaccinate about 250 people of that area. Our team’s work was appreciated by the local Tehsildar, BDO and THO. They congratulated the team for using a strategy of first convincing the leaders so that it gets easier to convince the community members.

Like this, our teams come across many challenges, but they apply different strategies to overcome all the hurdles and convince more people to get vaccinated as vaccine is the most effective way to fight against the pandemic.