About Us

Jivika Healthcare Private Limited in collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is introducing convenience based low-cost vaccination service. The service is being made available for infants, adolescent girls, adults & elderly people of Pune city’s Pimpri-Chinchwad area.

It is for the very first time, such convenience based service is being introduced at affordable cost that is highly customisable as per customer’s needs. The focus of the service is on:

  • Reduce financial burden of Bottom-of-the-pyramid by providing access to vaccines that will help reduce overall healthcare expenditure
  • Reduce mortality rate under the age of 5 by providing protection against Vaccine Preventable Diseases
  • Zero down the hospitalization cost for Diseases which can be prevented through Vaccines for all age group population by giving protection against Vaccine Preventable Diseases
  • Keeping overall vaccination service affordable
  • Vaccination of infant/adolescent girls/adults/elderly people will never be missed because of avoidable factors such as:- lost wages, parents forgetting the schedule, not having kept a reminder, lack of awareness on vaccination, overall cost of availing service, work schedule of parents, infant being unwell, government clinic being away from their place etc.