Paving Way Through Challenges: VaccineOnWheels


“Where there is will there is a way.” This saying has been proved right by our mobile vaccination unit team operating in the hilly areas of Meghalaya. Our team was allocated Ringgigre village for conducting Covid vaccination camp in West Garo Hills district of Meghalaya. The way to Ringgigre village is not suitable for ambulance, so our team members walked about 5 Km to reach the village. The headman of the village was kind enough to offer a ride on his two wheeler to one of the team member who was carrying the vaccine carrier. While walking to the village, our team members went mobilizing people. They encouraged them to get vaccinated. Five people were vaccinated in Ringgigre village. The number is small, but the impact is big, as our team took the challenge of reaching to the unreached village. The village headman and the villagers were very grateful to the team for making Covid vaccine accessible to them in their village itself.

The geography of Meghalaya is quite challenging, as it is mostly hilly. Villages are scattered far apart and also the population density of each village is low. The houses in the villages are also scattered. It is quite challenging for our teams to travel to such villages and vaccinate people. Many people residing in the rural areas are also refusing to get vaccinated. Our teams counsel them and make them understand the importance of getting vaccinated to stay protected from Covid. VaccineOnWheels is proud to serve the unreached people residing in the remote locations of Meghalaya. We are very grateful to our partners- Crypto Relief, Give India, USAID and Government of Meghalaya for supporting us to make Covid vaccine accessible to the people of Meghalaya.