Vaccination Services in India


Child Vaccination Service

Child Vaccination plays a key role in protecting children from genuine diseases and health complications of vaccine-preventable diseases which can incorporate amputation of an arm or leg, paralysis of limbs, hearing loss, convulsions, brain damage, and death.

Adolescent Girls Vaccination Service

The HPV vaccine is recommended for all girl children who are as young as 9 years old, and to all females whose age range from 13 to 26, and who have not previously completed vaccination. The HPV vaccine is recommended by Indian Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Immunization (IAPCOI) to all females who can afford the vaccine.

Adult Vaccination Service

Adult Vaccination is important to reduce the diseases & health complications that are included in vaccine-preventable diseases. Vaccinations should be suggested throughout the lifetime to prevent infectious diseases. Adult vaccinations are suggested on the basis of age, prior vaccinations, health conditions, lifestyle, occupation, travel plans and travel history.