Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To serve 25 Million marginalized population by 2025 – Mission

Our Vision

To increase immunization in India through equitable, affordable and convenient vaccination service for all.

Brief about our Social Enterprise - India's 1st Doctor-based Mobile Vaccination Clinic

With the aim to immunize India’s underserved population by “Ensuring access to quality vaccination for all”, in 2019 VaccineOnWheels.com (VOW) has introduced India’s 1st Doctor-based Mobile Vaccination Clinic in collaboration with IIT Hyderabad and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We are a one-stop mobile vaccination clinic with the vision to reduce inequality and increase immunization penetration. To ensure access for all economic strata, we create hospital-like sterile setups near their communities providing vaccination services. This agile setup reduces the overall costs and thereby makes quality vaccination service available and affordable for all age groups.

VOW has the entire spectrum of human life as its end-user, the vaccination services are targeted starting from newborns, children, adults, and the elderly. Our service innovation enables us to cover the entire array of economic strata with an increased focus on the bottom-of-the-base.