Adopting Vaccination as a part of your Workplace Wellness Programs offers many benefits to you and your employees.

50% ↑

Increase in productivity ,if employees are vaccinated


recommends all adults should get flu vaccine every year.

23% ↓

Reduction in absenteeism

Infectious diseases account for >25% of mortality, making adult vaccinations crucial

Adults should get vaccinated for several reasons

Protection against serious diseases
Boost immunity
Prevent disease spread
Reduced Hospital Expenses


Vaccines for adults: Which do you need?

Tdap Vaccine

1st Dose
Next (10 yearly )

MMR Vaccine

0 month-1st Dose
1/2 month- 2nd Dose

Varicella Vaccine

0 months- 1st Dose
6months- 2nd Dose

Single dose

Single dose

Influenza Vaccine

Yearly dose

0month- 1st Dose
1month- 2nd Dose

Hepatitis A Vaccine

0months- 1st Dose
6months- 2nd Dose

Hepatitis B Vaccine

0months- 1st Dose
1months- 2nd Dose

6months- 3nd Dose

HPV Vaccine

0 month- 1st Dose
2nd month- 2nd Dose
6th month- 3rd Dose

Pneumococcal Vaccine

1or2(as required)

Why choose VaccineOnWheels Corporate Vaccination Program?

Doctor based Vaccination
Medico-legal Compliant
Transparent Pricing
WHO certified end-to-end Cold Chain Maintenance

Vaccination for Industry

  1. Typhoid vaccine
  2. Hepatitis A&B
  3. Flu
  4. Tdap
  5. HPV
  1. Tdap
  2. Pneumonia
  3. Flu
  4. Typhoid
  5. Hepatitis A&B
  6. HPV
  1. Flu
  2. TCV
  3. Hep A&B
  4. HPV
  1. Flu
  2. HPV
  3. TCV
  4. Tdap

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Corporate vaccination?

Vaccinations are one of the strongest tools in the arsenal of our growing healthcare ecosystem. It has the capacity to protect ourselves from serious infections leading to fatal diseases. With growing age, the need for stronger immunization also increases. Adult Vaccination helps increase the efficacy of vaccines taken during childhood. It also provides immunity from newer conditions & comorbidities.

Some features

  1. Certain vaccines do not provide lifelong protection from infections as immunity fades overtime (E.g. Diphtheria & Tetanus).
  2. It’s important to get the Flu Vaccine every year as it’s updated annually to best defend against the constantly changing virus.
  3. Also, if there are vaccines you never got as a child, it is recommended you get them as adult. (Some adults are never vaccinated as children).
  4. Newer vaccines were not available when some adults were children.

What is corporate vaccination & why is it important?

Corporate Vaccination gives a chance to employees to receive life-saving vaccines within a safe corporate setup. It is essential for corporates to care for their employees physical and psychological health. Corporate vaccination is important as it helps protect employees from illnesses and diseases, leading to a healthier workplace and reducing employee absenteeism due to sickness.

What are the benefits of corporate vaccination?

The benefits of corporate vaccination include increased productivity, reduced healthcare costs, improved employee morale, and a healthier work environment. Corporate vaccination programs often offer vaccines such as influenza, hepatitis B, measles, mumps, rubella, and tetanus.

How does VaccineOnWheels by Jivika Healthcare help corporates during vaccination drives?

We help corporates during vaccination drives by providing end-to-end vaccination services. The company provides a mobile van equipped with all necessary medical equipment, staff, and vaccines to the client’s premises. This allows the client to organize vaccination drives for their employees, reducing the need for employees to travel to vaccination. With the mobile van, VaccineOnWheels provides on-site vaccination services, which eliminates the need for employees to travel to vaccination centers.

Can employees choose which vaccines they receive in a corporate vaccination program?

In most cases, employees can choose which vaccines they receive in a corporate vaccination program. However, some companies may have specific vaccines that they require employees to receive, based on the industry that they work in.

How often should corporate vaccination programs be offered?

Corporate vaccination programs should be offered on a regular basis to ensure employees are up-to-date on their vaccinations. The frequency may vary based on the company’s policies and the specific vaccines being offered.

How can companies encourage employees to participate in corporate vaccination programs?

Companies can encourage employees to participate in corporate vaccination programs by offering incentives, providing education about the importance of vaccination, and making the vaccination process as easy and convenient as possible.

Which is one of the most prominent vaccinations that we have provided so far?

One of the most prominent immunization initiative taken up by VaccineOnWheels has been
the HPV Vaccination program that provides protection against the Human Papilloma Virus
(HPV). Infection from HPV causes several serious cancers, out of which Cervical Cancer in
Women is the most dangerous. For more information on why you should get an HPV
vaccination click on the link

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